MulWark 242pc ClearMark Assorted Standard Auto Car Truck Blade Fuses Set- 2A 3A

MulWark 242pc ClearMark Assorted Standard Auto Car Truck Blade Fuses Set- 2A 3A

SKU: MLK-53778
  • ▲UL Listed: all MulWark car fuses are UL listed to ensure the highest-standard protection of your electrical devices
  • ▲CONFIDENT & EASY INSTALLATION: These 32 Volt fast-acting replacement spade fuses protect your vehicles, farm machines and electrical device/ electrical gadgets from short circuit, overload etc. They can be easily identified by their color-coded plastic housings, and the CLEAR WHITE MARK amp rating figures on the top
  • ▲CONVENIENT DETECTION: The plug-in blade fuses are made from transparent PES with zinc alloy inserts and transparent housings for viewing the fuse link status and quick detection of a blown fuse
  • ▲GREAT COMPATIBILITY: These assorted fuses are specifically designed for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, Camper RV, Motorcycles, Fleet, Golf Car, Boat, snowmobiles, and most general DC applications etc., covering such components as radio, light, turn signals, etc. This set comes with 132pcs small blade fuses and 110pcs standard blade fuses, all essential for every American household that owns more than one car.
  • ▲EXPLICIT DIAGRAM: A diagram inside the storage box case corresponds to every compartment with labels so you know what size each fuse is and where to get it in the box
  • Your gatekeepers and bodyguards of automotive elec

    Faulty wiring or defective wiper motors can cause excessive current flow, resulting in a blown fuse. The inside of a blown fuse will usually be black or the metal filament might be broken.

    MulWark 242pc ATO & ATM Style Blade Fuse Set includes standard type fuses and mini type fuses of 11 ratings commonly found in most modern cars and trucks, with see-through cover for quick detection of blown fuses. Readily identifiable and easily replaced, this fuse can be specified for a variety of low voltage electronic applications. The set comes organized in a PVC storage case.

  • Necessary accessories for electrical devices


    Interrupting Rating: 1000A @ 32 VDC

    Voltage Rating: 32 VDC

    Operating Temperature Range: -40˚C to +125˚C

    Fuse Terminal Material: Zinc Alloy

    Fuse Type: Blade

    Housing Materials: PC

    Fuse Compliances: Meets SAE J2077, ISO 8820, UL 248 Special Purpose Fuses

  • What's inside the box


    10pc Each:

    2AMP, 3AMP, 5AMP, 7.5AMP, 10AMP,15 APM, 20AMP, 25AMP, 30AMP, 35AMP, 40AMP

    ATM Mini Fuse

    12pc Each:

    2AMP, 3AMP, 5AMP, 7.5AMP, 10AMP, 15APM, 20AMP, 25AMP, 30AMP, 35AMP, 40AMP

    A bonus fuse puller

    This set comes with a pair of fuse puller to better facilitate your fuse replacement project. Most cars include one in their fuse panel but when you lose that one, this pair would be a good helping hand!

  • How to use: Locate

    Step 1: Locate your car's fuse panel and the blown fuse. Fuse panels can usually be found under the steering wheel. Most cars have one or two fuse boxes under the hood, next to the engine or battery. There may also be a fuse box inside the car, so keep looking if the fuse you're looking for isn't here, or if all the fuses here are fine. Newer cars often have a fuse box underneath the dash in an easily accessible location. Check the ceiling of the glove box for a hinge that swings downward. You may need a flat-head screwdriver to open the lid.Older cars often have their fuses in an open box to the left of the brake pedal or the foot-operated parking brake. It's difficult to examine the fuses closely in some models, so bring a flashlight and/or hand mirror.Less commonly, the fuse box is located in the trunk or under the rear seat.


  • How to use: Remove

    Step 2: Remove the broken fuse. You can use a variety of tools (or skip the tools and use your hands) to extract the blown fuse carefully before you open or work on a fuse box, be sure that your vehicle's ignition is turned off carefully remove fuses; they can break easily and a broken fuse is a lot harder to get out than a fully intact one.

  • How to use: Insert

    Step 3: Insert a replacement fuse of the correct amperage—make note of the fuse panel and your owner's manual on this one. This one MAY NOT FIT your car! Please check the fuse size before ordering, especially if you have a newer car and/or a foreign-made car.

  • How to use: Check

    Step 4: Start the ignition to check if your handiwork has paid off. If the same fuse blows soon after you replaced it or doesn't work at all, it might be time for a trip to the mechanic.