MulWark 16pc Precision Craft Hobby Utility Exacto Knife Set- Sharp Razor Knives

MulWark 16pc Precision Craft Hobby Utility Exacto Knife Set- Sharp Razor Knives

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  • BUILD TO LAST: The SK4 hardened carbon steel refill blades included are durable and rust-resistant, and can stand up to extended periods of tough projects to provide you with reliable and consistent daily cutting use. Professional tool kit for artist, architect, graphic designer, hobbyist and modeler
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The heavy-duty knife handle is made of soft rubber and ABS plastic with a thick base for added grip & stability and a flat part so it won’t roll off your desk. All the pen shaped handles weighted for balance with textured grip and superior control allows you to make accurate, delicate cuts
  • VARIOUS APPLICATION: Equipped with a full spectrum of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty craft knives, you are able to handle detailed projects like a breeze involving precision cutting, scraping, trimming, chiseling, deburring, scoring, whittling, carving, sculpturing, etc.. Workable lightweight to heavyweight materials include all grades of paper, balsa wood, plastic, cloth, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, thin sheet metal, etc.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: This crafting knife tool kit comes with 13 pieces interchangeable blades, including #17, #18 chiseling blades, #2, #11 fine point blades, #10, #22 general purpose blades, #5 angled chisel blades, #16 cranked blade, #24 deburring blade, and stencil edge blade. The ambidextrous comfortable knife handles also support other standard X-acto blades, razor saw attachment, convex wood carving blade, or serrated saw. Once a craft knife blade has become dull it is easier to replace it
  • PERFECT STORAGE SOLUTION: All the knives and replacement blades are housed in a heavy duty plastic case with a closing latch and a magnetic slot on its lid to hold the replaceable blades securely for safe storage
  • All Packaged in A Compact Portable Storage Case

    #2, #24 deburring blade: remove burrs and undesired sharp raised edges, cut tight corners from such materials as plastic hobby models. These blades can also be used for stripping (removing a top coating or layer from a workpiece) and cutting gaskets (a rubber sheet or ring which seals the junction between two surfaces).

    #5 angled chiseling blade: its slightly angled edge with piercing tip is ideal for precise starts, removing layers, shaping and light chiseling

    #6 micro stencil edge blade: perfect for trimming and scoring delicate materials such as paper, soft woods, plastic, and more with ultimate precision; allows you to make the more skillful and detailed cuts without ripping or tearing the material

    #10, #22 general purpose blade: enable you to perform a variety of tasks, including heavy-duty cutting on thick materials, light carving, slicing curved edge and trimming

    #11 classic fine point blade: slim, angled edge is ideal for scoring and texturing with control; perfect for precise and detailed cuts; can be used to cut elaborate and intricate shapes without difficulty

    #16 cranked scoring blade: it has a bend which positions the cutting edge clear of the handle, making it perform perfectly on awkward and difficult cuts. The small blade length and flexible design also allows you to change the direction of cut easier than other blade; suitable for tracing curves before following up the cut with your classic level

    #17, #18 chiseling blade: creates quick small cuts in thin materials, make these perfect whittling tools